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Specialising in solid wood furniture, Asia Passion is an independent store founded in 1998 by Mdm Tan with a vision of reshaping the way furniture is presented in Singapore.

The passion and love for wood of Mdm Tan let Asia Passion to become one of the pioneers to offer timeless solid wood furniture to our customers.

Asia Passion is steeped in a love for timeless, sustainable, quality furniture, without the exorbitant price tag.

'You buy a house, we make it a home'

  • Made by hand ; artistry.

  • You dream it, we make it.

  • A promise to you.

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HardWoods Slabs

Harnessing the raw beauty of natural hardwood, our slab tables are formed from the vertical slice of a tree trunk, with their edges left to follow the natural curves and formations of the tree from which the slab was cut. All Wood are customisable to create the perfect piece of furniture.

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Solid Wood Furnitures

Furniture is not only functional but an art. Solid wood is an excellent choice to make premium quality and exquisite furniture that is designed to last. It boasts excellent durability and can create stunning furniture pieces owing to its natural texture. All furnitures are customisable to create the perfect piece of furniture.

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Made To Order

Whether you are looking for custom made furniture or something unique for display, tell us your idea and we will do best to make it happen. All furniture pieces are customisable to create the perfect piece of furniture for our customers.

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Wholesale Raw Wood

Wood is a natural, sustainable, unique, and renewable raw material. There is no other kind of material we would rather build with. If you're looking for sustainable hardwood raw timber and/or slabs, you've come to the right place.

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